Who is Sarjo ?

Sarjo is an experienced taxi driver / guide

He speaks English fluently. Its origin is Mandinka. He can understand local languages,
including Wolof and some Jola.

Through his years of experience, he knows The Gambia very well.
He can assist you for your shopping. He can negotiate to reduce the price.

For Sarjo the customer is the boss, nothing is too much for him and punctuality is his trump card.
With its well-kept Taxis a Mercedes and a Hyundai van he can transport both groups of 11 persons
and individual customers or 4 people

You won’t regret choosing Sarjo for your unforgettable trips.
Sarjo is 100% accurate. He has a humorous character. He let you explore the real Gambia.
He shows you typical places which you won’t see otherwise.

He has his permanent base at the Senegambiastrip.

He offers different services:
- You can for several days, taxi booking.
- He can pick you up bring you back to the airport.
- For your safety, he can accompany you to the local markets.
- Would you like to eat something, he will take you and wait till you’ve finished bringing you back whenever you want.

You can contact Sarjo using the contact form.