How much costs an excursion with Sarjo ?

Because everyone has other wishes, it is difficult to give a fixed price ...
This depends whether you want a single trip, a guided market visit,
an excursion or other combinations.

Sarjo likes to help his customers as much as he can.
He wants to make hold it to the customers as possible to operate and for you as it were, a trip to measure ...
If you want to go Senegal: Sarjo will offer you a price including the price of the ferry,
the incoming rates of the parks, etc.

You can make an appointment with Sarjo on the day of your arrival or pre-contact him by mail or mobile phone.
At your arrival he comes to you at the agreed hour & place to discuss your needs for your holyday. So everything will be arranged.
Ask always the price for possible trips (such as access rates of parks), so you will not be surprised.

Feel free to arrange your own drinks or meals arrangements during the excursions.

An additional guide is not necessary since Sarjo is your taxi driver as well as your guide.

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