Acces Gambia Guide
Informatie about Gambia, like hotels, places to visit, etc.
This site is made for information for everyone who's going to Gambia
De Reisbijbel
Lots of info about Gambia (Dutch)
Gambia (Wikipedia)
Description of the country Gambia on this internet-encyclopedia
Gambia Find It
Lot of links towards Gambian places and institutions
Belgium website with a lot of links about everything in Gambia (Dutch)
Dutch website with many links about Gambia (Dutch)
GTS - Gambia Tourist Support
The local tourist information office
Landenweb - Gambia
Information about the geografy, the climate, plants and animals, etc. (Dutch)
All kind of travel tips for Gambia (Dutch)
The Gambia Official Website
The official website of Gambia
The Real Gambia
Interesting things and excursions
The World Factbook
Everithing you want to know about Gambia
Information about holidays and tourism in Gambia (Dutch)
Vakantieland - Gambia
Exhaustive description of Gambia (Dutch)
Welkom op de fotosite van Gambia
Lots of photo's of Gambia (Dutch)
De Gambian "Google"


Book your plane tickets online
Local travelagency with info about hotels, excursions, flights, etc.
Kerr Sering Apartments
Rental apartments in Kerr Sering
Information for travelling towards Gambia
Specialized travelagency for Gambia (Dutch)
Weather Underground
Weather information of many places in Gambia


Another journey report with photo's and usefull info en tips about Gambia.
Gambia 2000
Journey report illustrated with a lot of photo's (Dutch)
Lies & Teije's reis website
Journey report of this people trough Gambia
The Gambia Story
Exhaustive journey report trough Gambia