Hello, I am Sarjo, your taxi driver and guide in Gambia
You can always contact me for all desired information

I prefer with this

or by E-mail

Or call me at these numbers:
Telefoon 00220 725 77 33
Telefoon 00220 991 31 33

Or call me on Whatsapp

I answer your questions as soon as posible !!!
We are Guy & Jenny Brieven
We made acquaintance to Sarjo at our first visit to The Gambia
What started as friendship, grew into a close friendship band with him
Especially the accuracy and fairness of Sarjo are admiring
Because The Gambia is one of the poorest countries, we decided to help him,
including the creation of this website
It's our pleasure to make the live of Sarjo and his family more comfortable

You can contact us for any information

E-mail address:

Or by telephone on this number:
0032 (0)16 402 289

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